How To Treat Perianal Abscess So That It Does Not Recur Again?

Illustration of How To Treat Perianal Abscess So That It Does Not Recur Again?
Illustration: How To Treat Perianal Abscess So That It Does Not Recur Again?

Hello goodnight doctor, I have had 2 perianal or fistula abscess surgeries, but still relapse and will do the third operation how to cope with my illness, and the duration of the operation was close enough for 2 weeks, until now I continue after the abscess has accumulated in the inside of the rectum and in the buttocks next to my rectum, is there a surgeon who can cure this disease? Thanks

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Good evening, thank you for asking at Alodokkter.

Perianal abscess or fistula is a disease caused by infection. Infections that cause perianal abscesses can vary, namely bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. This anal peri abscess is characterized by redness and painful lumps around the anus, sometimes accompanied by pus.

This perianal abscess occurs due to several reasons, including an infection of the anal fistula (bridge or channel in the anal skin), can also be caused by a sexually transmitted infection for example in patients who are recipients of anal sex. Other causes can be due to a blockage in the anus, so that the glands in the anus are blocked, and cause complaints around the anus.

Perianal abscesses or fistulas, it will indeed often repeat, the possible cause of recurrence of perianal abscesses is because there are still causes before, such as sexually transmitted infections that are marked as having sexual intercourse through the anus and the patient as the recipient of the sex. In addition, this perianal abscess will recur if the patient lacks hygiene in his anal area.

to find out and further handle this perianal abscess, can immediately consult a specialist surgeon digestive consultant (digestive organ). Usually the surgeon will carry out further and more complete examinations, such as an anus examination, blood examination, other examinations for establish the diagnosis. then if it is indicated for surgery, the surgeon will advise for surgery. The operation did not rule out the possibility of recurring due to several reasons that have been explained above.

So, to overcome this complaint, you should see a surgeon. Surgeons who can carry out further examinations and treatments are usually general surgeons or digestive surgeons, or may try to do examinations with genital skin specialists.

Things that can be done at home before going to the doctor include:

-Keep cleanliness around the anus, wipe using soap

- sexual intercourse in a healthy manner, avoid sexual intercourse through the anus, avoid sexual intercourse by changing partners

-Reducing high-fat food intake

eat lots of vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber

May be useful :)

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