How To Treat Scars?

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.rnIn October 2017 I accidentally hit a motorbike so that my leg had a rather deep open wound. Then I put on betadine etc so that the longer it closed. Then a few months later it was like itching on the surrounding skin and spread (I went to the doctor and it was said to be eczema) then I’ve been using the ointment for months and luckily it’s getting better. Then now the wound is still very scarred and red (closed) but the scar is still not in line with normal skin and I’m afraid that flesh or something else will appear. The surrounding skin also appears as small red spots (I think this is a broken blood vessel inside) maybe because of friction or something? And how do you get rid of that red wound? Because it hasn’t disappeared for months. Thank you

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Hi Vinvin99,

Scars that are slightly raised can be hypertrophic scars, can also be keloids. Hypertrophic scars are generally lighter than keloids. In hypertrophic scar tissue, the scar does not extend beyond the wound area.

While in keloids, scar tissue continues to grow excessively so that it can resemble a kind of flesh that grows reddish or brown in color. To confirm your scar, it takes a direct examination by a doctor, yes.

In the meantime you can do the following tips:

Use an over-the-counter scar removal cream
Use sunscreen if the scar is exposed to the sun
Use lightening lotion

If the scar doesn't fade or gets even thicker, I suggest that you go to a dermatologist directly to be sure of the condition. Furthermore, a dermatologist will be able to provide the right treatment for you.

Some treatments that can be given by a dermatologist include corticosteroid injection, fluorouracil injection, laser, silicone sheet, cryotherapy, radiation, interferon, and surgery. The type of treatment will of course be adjusted to the condition of the scar.

Here is an article that relates to the topic of your question:

Scar tissue

Thanks and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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