How To Treat Scoliosis At Home?

Illustration of How To Treat Scoliosis At Home?
Illustration: How To Treat Scoliosis At Home?

, 18 degrees scoliosis a fast way to reduce scoliosis or how to manage it? And what exercises are suitable for people with scoliosis. Is there a tool that can be purchased for at-home therapy?

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Scoliosis is a disorder in which the spine curves to the side abnormally so that it supports the letter S. If the degree is severe enough, scoliosis can cause the sufferer to experience various complaints, such as asymmetrical body shape between the left and right, back pain, shortness of breath, easy fatigue in activities, and so on. The exact cause of scoliosis is often unknown. However, several factors, ranging from genetics, neuromuscular disorders, birth defects affecting the spine, and a history of injury and infection to the spine are strongly thought to increase a person's risk of developing scoliosis.

A scoliosis curvature that reaches 18 degrees is considered mild. However, even so, close observation still needs to be made so that this degree does not get worse in the future. It needs to be clarified, when was the last time you checked with your doctor regarding your scoliosis? Is there any special treatment that the doctor recommends?

Scoliosis outbreaks need to be monitored at least every 6 months. If your scoliosis degree currently reaches 18 degrees, doctors will generally delay specific therapy first, but put more emphasis on improving your posture. Here are the steps you should do:

Improve your posture in activities, make sure your spine is in a straight position, not tilted to the right or to the left
Avoid lifting or dancing heavy objects on one side of the arm too often (for example, using a sling bag)
Avoid the habit of sitting leaning to the side
Choose a comfortable sleeping pad, not too soft
Diligent doing stretching sports, for example yoga, swimming, and so on

The use of special braces can also be used to prevent the scoliosis curvature from getting worse. In general, this bone brace will only be used when the degree of curvature of the spine has reached more than 20 degrees. However, it is also possible that this buffer can be used for a lower degree of scoliosis curvature. However, ideally choosing the right shape and type of brace should be in consultation with an orthopedic specialist or a medical rehabilitation specialist who treats you. So, you shouldn't buy a spine brace carelessly.

Meanwhile, in addition to improving your posture and exercising, you should apply ice or warm water to your back if you feel pain.

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dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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