How To Treat Singapore Flu In Children?

Illustration of How To Treat Singapore Flu In Children?
Illustration: How To Treat Singapore Flu In Children?

In the morning, my child caught the Singapore flu. I bathed him as usual and the water was added with antisepti (detol). The body of my child had nodules like smallpox and seemed to contain water, my questions: 1. Will these nodules heal on their own? 2. Is it necessary to use ointment for these nodules? Thank you, please ask for a solution, yes doctor

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Hello Dea,

Thank you for asking

Singapore flu, or often also called HFMD (hand-foot-and-mouth disease), is a coxsackievirus virus infection characterized by the following complaints:

Sore throat, especially when swallowing
Limp, easily tired
The appearance of painful reddish-red blisters in the oral cavity, for example on the tongue, gums, or the inside of the cheeks
The appearance of reddish skin rashes that sometimes blister, often in the hands, feet, and even to the buttocks
Restless, difficult to sleep
Decreased appetite, and so on

Because the cause is a virus, no definitive treatment can be done to overcome this disease. Handling is done by prioritizing the increase in endurance of the patient's body, so hopefully, the patient's own endurance against the virus that causes disease. Some types of drugs can also be prescribed by doctors to help minimize complaints that arise, so that healing takes place more quickly, sufferers feel more comfortable, and can return to normal activities without obstacles.

A runny nipple in your child's body may indeed be part of the symptoms of HFMD. Or, it could also be a watery nodule arising from other triggers, for example other infections (can be fungi, viruses, bacteria, or mites), contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, dermatitis herpetiformis, drug eruptions, and so on. It's best if you don't use just any ointment or medication to deal with the complaint, except if your doctor prescribes it right away.

First check your child to the doctor or pediatrician to be evaluated more closely, is it true that the condition occurs because of HFMD, or is there another cause. That way, the doctor can also certainly give your child the best treatment in accordance with the disease. If it is true that the cause is purely related to the symptoms of HFMD, often this complaint will improve by itself along with the treatment.

As for helping to speed healing, you can first try the following steps:

Give children plenty to drink and healthy and nutritious food
Let the child rest more, first reduce excessive outdoor activities
Bathe children regularly morning and evening with good quality antiseptic soap and water
Do not rub excessively, let alone break and force-pick the nodules on the skin that appears
Do not allow children to exchange personal items with others
ONLY give children the medicine as prescribed by the doctor, do not carelessly add or subtract other drugs or ointments
Hope this helps ...

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