How To Treat Stints.?

Illustration of How To Treat Stints.?
Illustration: How To Treat Stints.?

Like this, my eyes have been 3 weeks. It’s flat, but it’s still small. There are also 3 small white dots like zits. What should I do with it ???

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Fingers in the eye or in medical instincts hordeolum is divided into internal / external and external / external hordeolum (depending on inflammation of the gland: inflammation of the external hordeum occurs in the zeis and moll glands; internal hordeolum occurs inflammation in the meibomian gland). Hordeolum intertum can occur from kalazion (which is chronic / chronic eye gland inflammation). The cause of hordelum is bacterial infection. Clinical features: patients complain of lumps and pain in the eyelids. On examination found a red lump at the base of the eyelashes that are painful when pressed. Treatment is with antibiotic ointment and incision if there is fluctuation (this can be assessed by a doctor or ophthalmologist). Hygiene improvement can prevent recurrence. Complications that can occur include cellulitis (inflammation around the eye area), in this condition you need to consult an eye specialist. This can happen if the hordeolum is often held in your hand, then an infection occurs.

It is recommended to compress the boil with warm water, especially before applying antibiotic ointment. Do not rub or scratch the eye because it will make inflammation worse. Stained seed can become inflamed and enlarge again, which if there is recurring and chronic inflammation can become kalazion.

You should visit a doctor to get an antibiotic ointment and other therapies to reduce symptoms. If after the therapy remains boils, it is recommended that you consult an ophthalmologist, whether the boils are still in the form of hordeolum (incisions can be made) or the boils are made into kalazion (as described above) where the therapy is an incision and curettage (incision and removal of inflamed glandular contents).

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