How To Treat Stomach Acid That Is Difficult To Heal?

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It’s been 1 month, how come my gerd has difficulty recovering, even though I have been treated 3 times and given omeprazole. And after the drug runs out it sometimes recurs. Then I bought gastrucid as long as I was taking the medicine it was okay, after it came back again. Even though I always take care of my diet every day I only eat vegetables and drink warm water. The activity is never heavy, the mind is always positive, never carried away by stress. what i feel now is that i feel something is stuck in my throat and nauseous but i don’t want to throw up. Please ask for a solution other than endoscopy, is there any other way to cure this disease?

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From the information you conveyed, the presence of GERD complaints that don't improve or often recurs, may be caused by several things, such as:

1. sleep late

2. physical exhaustion

3. still consuming spicy food, noodles, meatballs, coffee, soda, or fried rice or pecel

4. late to eat

5. have a history of food allergies or food intolerances

6. do not take medication regularly

In GERD patients, continuous treatment is needed, even though the first visit and the first treatment have made you comfortable, it is advisable to continue treatment again for 2-3 weeks of treatment.

If the treatment is once, then the drug runs out, and then you do not control it even though there are no complaints, then the GERD complaint is likely to recur.

In addition, identifying the cause of the GERD recurrence that you feel, by identifying the triggers for GERD, it is hoped that you can prevent or avoid these trigger factors.

That's the information we can convey, also read GERD.


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