How To Treat Testicles That Are Swollen And Difficult To Defecate?

Illustration of How To Treat Testicles That Are Swollen And Difficult To Defecate?
Illustration: How To Treat Testicles That Are Swollen And Difficult To Defecate?


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Are there any pain in the testicles? Are there other changes to the testes? Swelling of the testicles can be caused by several factors such as:

Skrotalis hernias, can be aggravated by frequent straining during defecation Orchitis Varicocele Hydrocele Epididymitis Presence of a tumor Torsio testis If the testicles swell long enough or occur repeatedly, it would be better if you consult directly with a urologist so that further testing can be done if necessary with Ultrasound and blood tests to help determine the cause of the swollen testicles so that you can be given more appropriate treatment.

Related to complaints of difficult bowel movements or constipation, it is true that the condition can be caused by lack of fiber intake, but in addition to lack of fiber intake, bowel movements can also be caused by other things such as:

Lack of active movement and lack of exercise Lack of fluids Being anxious, stressed, tense Uncomfortable with available toilets Frequently withstand bowel movements or ignore wishes CHAPTER Side effects of certain medications Disorders and blockages of the large intestine Other medical conditions such as thyroid disorders and diabetes To help reduce your complaints You can do the following tips:

Drink plenty of water, 2-3 liters / day Consume lots of vegetables, fruits, and foods high in fiber Regular exercise Do not ignore the desire CHAPTER Use a squat toilet, or prop your feet on a small bench when using the toilet seat Keep ideal body weight Do relaxation Relax Manage well Try not to push If with lifestyle changes as above you are still experiencing difficult bowel movements, you should check with your doctor directly so that it can be ascertained the cause of difficult bowel movements so that the doctor can provide the right treatment for you. The doctor may be able to provide laxatives or laxatives to stimulate bowel movements, and if there is an underlying disease, the doctor will also provide treatment to overcome the underlying disease.

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