How To Treat Wounds On The Buttocks Due To Always Lying

Doctor, my mother has a stroke and has been unable to walk and lie down for a year. Lately, his butt likes wounds. I already drug it. I used to clean nacl first, give betadine and nebacetine. Wrap gauze and ultrafix plaster. Usually the wound 2-3 days immediately closes, new skin appears. It’s been over a week and it hasn’t closed yet. Even though the wound isn’t deep. Only the skin blisters pulled out. My mother has sugar but it is not too high and because lying down she has been given sugar medicine by her doctor every day for prevention, said the doctor. What is the best way to treat the wound? Please advise

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Hello Hilda, Thank you for the question.

Wounds that occur on your mother are known as pressure sores in medical language. Pressure sores are sores that occur on the body due to prolonged pressure on the skin due to prolonged lying conditions. In general, wounds most often appear in areas of stressed skin such as elbows, coccyx, heels, and hips. The severity of pressure sores varies from changes in skin color, abrasions, open sores, and very deep open sores.

In general, the use of povidone iodine (betadine) is not necessary because this liquid can also damage newly formed skin cells. You can try to do wound care as usual without using this povidone iodine liquid. Then, another thing you can do is change the wound bandages every day and try to tilt your mother's body to the right or left every day regularly or occasionally help your mother sit down to reduce the pressure on the wound and other parts of the skin. The emphasis on the wound can cause wound healing to run longer. Your mother is also advised to regularly take antidiabetic drugs because good control of blood sugar levels is also needed to help heal wounds.

No less important is to pay attention to whether there are signs of worsening infection around the wound, such as skin redness, swelling, more pain, pus out. If the wound does not improve for more than 2 weeks or there are already signs of such an infection, then your mother should be consulted by the nearest internal medicine doctor so that the doctor can examine this wound directly to determine the severity of the infection and determine further treatment. If the wound becomes deep enough, usually an internist will also work with a surgeon to deal with this infection.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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