How To Use A Testpack?

Illustration of How To Use A Testpack?
Illustration: How To Use A Testpack?

this is the first time I want to use a testpack. I already bought a sensitive testpack. but I want to use it in the afternoon. written on the packaging if not used in the morning, then give a distance of 4 hours from the last urination and urine to be tested. how is the explanation about how to use it?

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Thank you for the question.

Testpack is one practical step that can be done to detect pregnancy. This testpack works by detecting the beta chorionic gonadotropin hormone (beta hCG) in the urine. This hormone will be produced more by the fetal placenta when you are pregnant. As long as the testpack is done in the right way and at the right time, according to various literature, this examination is accurate enough to distinguish between pregnant and not pregnant.

How to use a testpack may differ depending on the testpack tool. But mostly, for the results to be more accurate, the following suggestions should be made when using a testpack:

 Make sure you choose the testpack that has the highest sensitivity (close to 100%) and has not expired Try to use urine for the first time in the morning, so that the hormones in it are more concentrated, and more easily detected. Use a middle-flow urine specimen (not the first exit, not also draining urine) Provide a clean container (if possible, sterile) to collect urine Dip the testpack immediately into the urine that has been collected for some time (varies depending on the testpack) Also read the results of the testpack as soon as it is immersed, do not delay Not is an obligation to do a testpack with urine in the morning. If you are unable to do a testpack in the morning, then it is no problem for you to do this check in the afternoon, provided that you keep in mind the above recommendations.

It is not clear what is meant by your question. However, if it is true that is listed on the packaging of your testpack, then you should ask the explanation directly to the manufacturer of the testpack, or take the test pack directly to the nearest doctor to be given the correct explanation.

I hope this helps.

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