How To Use Anti-fungal Ointment In The Groin Area?

Illustration of How To Use Anti-fungal Ointment In The Groin Area?
Illustration: How To Use Anti-fungal Ointment In The Groin Area?

, use miconazole ointment for mushrooms in the groin it must be thick or just leave it ???

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Fungal infections in the groin (tinea cruris) often make the groin skin feel itchy, sore, reddish, even scaly and peeling. If left unchecked, this condition can spread and trigger chronic irritation which results in blackish skin. However, handling these conditions must also not be arbitrary. Because, several other conditions, for example bacterial infections, viral infections, mite infections, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, drug eruptions, xerosis, etc. can also cause clinical complaints very similar to fungal infections. In fact, the handling of various conditions can be different from the treatment of fungal infections.

Need to be clarified beforehand, have you checked your condition to the doctor and diagnosed with a yeast infection in the groin? If so, can the doctor explain to you how to use the medicine?

If you have not seen a doctor, you should not make conclusions too soon about your complaint. Check with your doctor first or skin specialist doctor to be given the best treatment according to the cause of your condition. Later, a good doctor will certainly explain the procedures for using the right medicine.

However, if indeed the drug (miconazole) is prescribed directly by the doctor after examining you, then you can use it properly according to the doctor's instructions. Apply a thin layer of the ointment evenly to the skin of your groin experiencing complaints. Do not forget, also balance the treatment by improving personal hygiene, including by diligent bathing, using clean clothes, not wearing clothes that are too tight and made from heat, do not exchange personal items with others, and do not touch the skin that has excessive complaints , especially with dirty hands. With good endurance, coupled with proper handling, fungal infections in the groin will often improve in 1 to 4 weeks.

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