How To Use Drugs For Nebulation Therapy?

Illustration of How To Use Drugs For Nebulation Therapy?
Illustration: How To Use Drugs For Nebulation Therapy?

want to ask how to use transderma drugs, inhalation drugs, drug dust

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Transdermal medicines are medicines that are packaged into patches (patches like patches) to be used by sticking to the skin on certain parts of the body. Drugs packaged in this form generally contain pain relievers and are used to reduce pain locally (only in certain areas).

Inhaled drugs are drugs that are used by inhalation or inhalation (usually by mouth). One form that is often found is drugs for asthma patients which are used by spraying drugs that are in the inhaler and inhaling it.

Although both are inhaled, nebulisation drugs are very different from inhalation drugs, where nebulisation drugs are generally in the form of liquid and require special tools to convert it into steam which is flowed through the nebulisation mask to facilitate patients inhaling the drug through the nose.

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