How To Use Drugs To Treat Thrush?

Illustration of How To Use Drugs To Treat Thrush?
Illustration: How To Use Drugs To Treat Thrush?

At night, my child is getting sprue and given daktarin medicine. How to use it, how do you put it on or drink it with water? You see, my child is still 11m

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First of all I want to make sure in advance, whether the drug you get after checking with a doctor or you buy yourself on the recommendation of a pharmacist?

Daktarin oral gel is a drug that contains miconazole, a drug intended to treat fungal infections in the mouth. This drug is a strong drug and should not be given without going to the doctor first and should not be purchased without a doctor's prescription. This drug cannot be given to treat all types of canker sores, only canker sores that occur due to fungal infections.

If indeed the doctor prescribes this drug for your child, then your child's doctor or pharmacist who provides the drug must explain how to use it for you. In general, this drug is applied to the area infected with fungi 4 times a day (the duration of treatment is determined by your pediatrician). Do not apply too close to the base of the throat and apply a small amount to prevent the child from choking (because the gel is very sticky).

If not prescribed by a doctor, do not use this medicine.

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