How To Use Ointment For Stye?

Illustration of How To Use Ointment For Stye?
Illustration: How To Use Ointment For Stye?

Hello, I want to ask, how to use the eye ointment that is being stye on the eyelid, what is the correct way? Is it applied to the affected area only or is it my way wrong? Because my stye was not deflated but got bigger. Please help because I have been there for 2 weeks. I was given a medicine from a doctor near my house, the erlamycetin chloramphenicol ointment, is the way to use the ointment correct or wrong?

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Hello Syiska,

Thank you for asking

A stye or known in medical language is a hordeolum. This condition is the appearance of a rash around the edge of the eyelid and generally occurs on one eyelid only. The cause of the occurrence of stye is a bacterial infection on the edge of the eyelid, namely in the eyelash follicle (where the eyelashes grow), the oil gland or the tear gland on the eyelid. Some of the conditions or factors that trigger the stye are as follows:

Rub your eyes frequently

Use of cosmetics in the eye area with contaminated or expired cosmetics

Allergy to certain facial cleansers or cosmetics

Frequent exposure to wind or dust

Do not clean eye cosmetics when going to sleep.

The use of less hygienic contact lenses

Therapy for stye is the use of certain eye ointments that are adjusted to the results of the doctor's examination and use it to be applied around the stye that occurs. In addition, to reduce swelling can be done warm compresses. Not rubbing eyes, scratching or handling the stye, especially not washing hands. And what is no less important is not trying to squeeze or flatten the stye. The stye in the first days will indeed swell until it eventually releases pus on its own and will shrink on its own.

That's what I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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