How To Wean A 14 Month Old Child?

Illustration of How To Wean A 14 Month Old Child?
Illustration: How To Wean A 14 Month Old Child?

Hay I want to ask, my child is 14 months old and has never had enough fluids. I am worried that when I will wean, I will lack nutrition when I don’t want to drink milk, how do I get children to want formula and breast milk and what brands of milk are good for children the same age as my child. Thank you

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Hello, Deessii, thanks for asking

Weaning children can be done when the child is "ready" to be weaned. The characteristics, for example, already have good coordination between the hands, eyes and mouth; able to sit upright for a long time; and the baby's weight has reached 2x the birth weight.

Weaning is done slowly and gradually, starting from occasional use of a cup rather than a bottle, starting to wean during the day, and reducing breastfeeding before bed.

Look for formula milk that is registered in the BPOM RI and select the one that matches the child's age so that it is adjusted to their nutritional needs. Apart from milk, children aged 14 months can get nutrients from other food sources recommended for children starting at 1 year old, such as rice, chicken, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

To add information, you can read in our articles entitled "How to wean children", "Food for 1 year old children", and "choosing infant formula".

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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