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Can medical check-ups to come to work detect people with HPV?

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A medical check-up is a comprehensive examination of a person who is healthy or without symptoms, which aims to find diseases or disorders from the start. This examination begins with an interview by the doctor followed by a direct examination. Laboratory, radiological and other examinations can be performed, depending on request. Because basically this examination is carried out on healthy people, what is checked will depend on the request.

HPV or human papilloma virus is the virus that causes genital warts and cervical cancer. Genital warts can be seen on direct examination of the pubic area. Cervical cancer requires an IVA or pap smear to detect it. IVA or pap smear is rarely performed at regular medical check-ups without special requests. If you want to detect whether there are genital warts, patients can check with a general practitioner or a skin and genital specialist. If you want to detect early signs of cervical cancer, patients can consult a general practitioner or an obstetrician. Avoid unhealthy sex to prevent HPV infection.

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