HSG Examination Results In Women?

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Malem, I want to ask from the results of the HSG written uterus sinistro – retrofleksi position. What do the two patent tuba mean? Thanks doctor

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HSG examination is an acronym for hypertosalpingography which is generally performed on women who have difficulty conceiving. HSG examination is performed by a doctor to see the structure of the condition of a woman's uterus. HSG examination is an X-ray procedure that is performed to see the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Results of the uterine sinus placement and retroflexion mean that your uterine position tends to the left and bend backwards. Most people have antiflexible uterine positions (facing forward, toward the abdomen), but there are a few people who have variations in the position of the uterus retroflexion. In the past, the position of a retroflexed uterus was considered difficult for someone to get pregnant, but research now proves not. Medically, there is no evidence that the condition of the uterus retroflection can affect fertility. However, the condition of the uterus that leads to the back is likely to inhibit the process of fertilization. Because, in the uterus that is bent backward, the position of the cervix is ​​not right facing the direction of the sperm coming. As a result, sperm must "fight" harder to enter the uterus. However, it does not mean fertilization is not possible. If the sperm quality is good and able to move swiftly, eventually the egg will be successfully fertilized. While the results of the Second HSG The patent fallopian tube indicates normal where there is no blockage in the two tubes.

I suggest that you should visit an obstetrician to discuss and consult with you about your HSG results, so that you get the right information and treatment.

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