Hurting Yourself, Always Feeling Pessimistic, Depressed?

Illustration of Hurting Yourself, Always Feeling Pessimistic, Depressed?
Illustration: Hurting Yourself, Always Feeling Pessimistic, Depressed?

Hello Doctor. I am a 19 year old woman. I want to ask about my condition in the view of a doctor who is certainly more expert. I am a woman who often doubts myself because my parents often compare me to other people. I don’t feel I am enough because of that. My parents also often say sorry for giving birth and raising me. I was once beaten by him using a broom twice as a child. My parents often say that my work is lacking and lacking. Many things were done by both my parents and family until I felt more and more alien to myself. They often force me to follow their will. I was not given the opportunity to express my opinions and choices even for trivial things like wearing clothes to go walking. I also have had a sleep disorder for one year. There are so many actions in my family that make me tired. I often think of suicide. Many suicide scenarios crossed my mind. I even asked my mother to kill me. I am also often so sad that I feel my world will collapse right then and there. I hurt myself a few times. Like hitting myself, pulling my hair and cutting my arms using a razor blade to vent my emotions. And I’m in a phase where I’m afraid to be happy. I’m afraid to just laugh out loud. Often read about mental health and I do not want to diagnose myself what happened to me. Please help, doctor. thanks.

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Hello baevilosa, thank you for asking using

We are also concerned about the condition that you experience. Some possible causes that you may experience include:

Depressed mood disorder
Dysthimia mood disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
General anxiety disorder
Personality Disorders

Depression is a mood or mood disorder that can make a person feel sad, disturbed sleep patterns, loss of interest in activity, fatigue, unwilling to move, disruption in eating patterns, loss or increase in body weight, disruption of concentration or ability to learn and work, and the idea to hurt yourself or commit suicide.

It is better if you already have thoughts of suicide and have taken action to hurt yourself you can immediately consult a psychiatrist. Your doctor can help overcome your complaints by counseling, psychotherapy or with drugs that can help you get excited or improve your mood.

Some of the following things you can do for your complaint:

Have a good sleep pattern or sleep schedule and avoid the habit of sleeping late at night
Try to tell the people closest to you about how you feel (family, friends, teachers, or other closest people)
Have a positive mindset and habit of always being grateful
Exercise regularly every week in order to help improve your mood
Avoid consumption of alcohol, smoking, or illegal substances

Some articles that are useful for you among others: How to Overcome Depression with Therapeutic Thinking and Behavior and How to Increase Confidence to Support Mental Health

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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