Husband Has Hepatitis B?

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Hepatitis B is a type of virus that can cause hepatitis. In this type of disease, chronic infections are more common than acute conditions.

This disease can be transmitted through:

Sexual intercourse

From mother to baby

Sharing needles

Exposed to blood or open wounds from sufferers

Getting infected with the patient's blood from a syringe or sharp object

In acute infection, symptoms may occur:



Appetite down



Stomach ache

Dark urine

Joint pain


In chronic conditions, it can cause liver damage, malignancy and liver failure.

Of the drugs you mentioned is lamivudine. Where this drug has not been found to have side effects on fertility.

While the condition of hepatitis B itself, in several studies alone can affect fertility in men by affecting the movement of sperm although it all depends on the condition of the initial sperm movement and also affects women by increasing the risk of pelvic inflammation.

For more details, please consult with your doctor about what happened to your husband and the consequences.

I hope this helps.

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