Hydrocephalus In Adults?

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greetings …. if someone experiences hidrosefulus as an adult is there an enlargement of the head may apply …

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Hydrocephalus occurs when cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) builds up inside the head. This condition can happen to anyone, not only babies. The difference is, in infants whose skull bones have not yet fused optimally, this CSF buildup can push the skull out so that the head will appear enlarged. Whereas, in adults, where the skull bones have fused and hardened, this CSF buildup will not make the head become bigger, but instead suppresses brain tissue and surrounding areas that are inside the skull. This condition will make sufferers experience complaints, such as:

Headache Blurry and double vision Limp, drowsiness Nausea, vomiting Impaired balance and coordination Difficult to control desire for urinating Disorders of memory, concentration, and other thinking abilities There are many possibilities that cause hydrocephalus, ranging from ventricular blockage in the brain and spinal cord, barriers CSF absorption for example due to inflammation of brain tissue or injury, to overproduction of CSF fluid.

The diagnosis of hydrocephalus can be made through various examinations, including neurological and radiological examinations (for example USG, CT scan, and MRI). In adults, hydrocephalus who is late getting treatment can cause more serious complications than infants and children. Therefore, to get the best treatment, patients need to consult directly with doctors, neurologists, or neurosurgeons.

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