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Hello doctor, I’m 25 years old. In my first pregnancy, at the age of 4 months of pregnancy my fetus was detected there was an abnormality of hydrops fetalis and finally 2 weeks ago the fetus was taken through a normal delivery. I want to ask, do I need to check the lab torch before promil again? Are there any tips for being able to get pregnant again without any abnormalities such as those that have occurred even without a lab check?

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Hello Firli, Thank you for the question.

Before planning a pregnancy, it would be nice if you consult with an obstetrician first. The goal is that your doctor can carry out an examination on you to find out if your condition is healthy and to ensure there are certain medical conditions that can cause pregnancy complications. If there are certain conditions that can cause interference during pregnancy, the doctor can determine prevention or treatment early to avoid it. The obstetrician is the one who will determine what tests you need to know your health condition, both physical examination and additional examination. Usually the doctor will recommend an ultrasound and several blood tests including complete blood tests, blood type checks, blood sugar tests, and TORCH tests to detect toxoplasma infections, other infections, rubella, chalmydia, and herpes simplex. TORCH infection can cause complications in pregnancy in the form of disorders of fetal development, miscarriage, premature birth and congenital defects.

Hydrops fetalis is a condition of swelling in the baby's body parts, both in the womb or newborn. This condition is a life-threatening condition because swelling can occur in vital organs such as the heart and lungs. Fetal hydrops can be caused by:

incompatibility of mother and baby Rhesus blood groups that cause immune fetal hydrops
non-immune fetal hydrops: due to thalassemia, genetic disorders, congenital heart disease, infections

Usually the doctor will recommend further tests to find out the cause of fetal hydrops so that this condition can be avoided if later you want to get pregnant again. It is not uncommon for fetal abnormalities to occur even if a woman has taken care of herself and the health of her pregnancy. Therefore, the best step is to consult an obstetrician if you are planning a pregnancy. At the same time, you are also encouraged to:

consuming nutritious food regularly
sufficient water consumption
get enough rest every day for 7-9 hours
manage stress well
avoid smoking
avoid the habit of consuming alcoholic drinks
I hope this helps.

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