Hydrotubation Procedure In Patients With Small Egg Cells?

Illustration of Hydrotubation Procedure In Patients With Small Egg Cells?
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Morning, I have changed obstetricians 4 times, the first one said that my egg was small, 4 months apart from the first doctor, the second and third doctors said my egg was normal .. but still not pregnant, but now I am changing to the fourth doctor he said my egg is small and there is a narrowing in the mouth of the uterus, I was advised to hydrotubate, what I want to ask is actually I don’t want to hydrotubate because people say it’s a painful procedure and some even ask for general anesthesia, whether with the condition of a small egg cell mandatory for hydrotubation? Or can I wait for my eggs to be good and then hydrotubate?

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Hello Ms. Andi,

Hydrotubation is the procedure of injecting certain fluids into the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes. This method can see whether there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes and uterus that can prevent fertilization, or can be a therapy because this procedure can widen the narrowed fallopian tubes due to pressure of the fluid.

Hydrotubation is performed to treat female infertility if it is caused by a narrowed oviduct. In cases that are not clear why, hydrotubation can also be done as a diagnostic procedure.

This procedure is not for handling small eggs. Egg cells that are not suitable size are usually caused by hormonal disorders. This procedure can be done simultaneously while improving the quality of the egg, depending on the cause. Your doctor may give you hormonal medicines or supplements and other treatments to help make the egg cells normal size and ready to be fertilized.

The hydrotubation procedure is indeed known to cause pain, and this pain can last up to 72 hours afterwards. The doctor will give medicines to help relieve this pain.

At this time you should follow your obstetrician's advice or discuss it if you are not ready and still want to wait. Your doctor may provide alternatives if available, according to your circumstances.

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