Hymen Is Difficult To Penetrate During Intercourse?

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Good afternoon. My doctor is a wife, age 22 years. Our marriage is entering its fifth month. Strangely, until now I was still a virgin. Whenever having intercourse, the husband always fails to penetrate the hymen as hard as penetrating the wall. I don’t feel any trauma. Because it is difficult and long, the husband is often insubstantial and eventually ejaculates. And it’s always like that every time we try. Why is that? Is something wrong with me? Even though I didn’t experience any fear or trauma. What’s the solution?

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question
The condition you are experiencing may be vaginismus. Vaginismus causes pain, difficulty, and results in dissatisfaction during sexual activity. Vaginismus is stiffness or spasm of the muscles at the base of the vagina that makes penetration difficult and painful depending on the severity of the spasm. Vaginismus can occur when first having sexual intercourse, or arise after a certain time interval with a history of traumatic events even though previously had no disturbance during penetration.
Some causes of vaginismus include:
1. An unpleasant psychological and emotional history (excessive fear, sexual assault)
2. Infection of the vulva
3. Irritation of chemicals or allergens
4. Vaginal atrophy
5. Postpartum injuries
6. Pelvic inflammatory disease
7. The emergence of post-operative adhesions in the pelvic organs
To assess the severity of vaginismus a direct physical examination by a doctor is required. Handling this case includes physical therapy and medication. Therapy with drugs if there are known other medical conditions that are the cause. While physical therapy includes pelvic floor muscle training and desensitization which is assisted by a trainer.
Carry out further consultations with an obstetrician to evaluate your current condition.
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