Hyperthyroidism And Late Periods?

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Hello, I am a woman aged 20 years. NPreviously, I gained a lot of weight in the last 2 years, namely 29 kilos at a time. nAfter that, I often missed my period. it can be 2 months, after that the next month is right, after that there is no more menstruation for another 2 months. nLastly, 3 weeks (early July) I went to the hospital because there was a lump on my left neck. he said because the oil channel was clogged so it could not get out. But doctors provide options that can be taken and are not necessary. So I chose not to operate. nAfter that I came from July 9 to July 12. After that, it didn’t take long for my waist to hurt (lower back pain) until today (14 August 2018). But not only backache, lately my stomach has grown more bloated, but google it “spare tire type / hyperthyroid stomach type”. And I also haven’t had my period until now. Besides that, my heartbeat felt really weird. pounding and felt until “out”. i also felt dizzy until almost fainting but no nausea and vomiting. yellow urine color (dehydration) but I have been drinking so much that I often go to the toilet. can defecate but the intensity is small. drowsiness and fatigue is quite high, even though he is usually an active type of person who doesn’t tire easily. Recent conditions: often sleep at dawn above 3 and wake up at 8, never exercise, and eat irregularly. n nPlease reply and help yes. thank you🙏🏻

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Hi. Thank you for the question for Alokdokter.

Menstrual disorders / menstruation is a condition characterized by the presence of menstrual bleeding with an abnormal duration, frequency, amount, and regularity as well as unusual menstrual pain. Some things that can cause menstrual disorders are:

- Pregnancy

- Stress

- Use of contraceptives, especially those containing hormones

- Endometriosis (abnormal growth of uterine tissue)

- Excessive physical activity

- Eating disorders

- Increase / decrease in weight

- Abnormalities in the endocrine-metabolic system, such as thyroid gland disorders

- Pelvic inflammatory disease

- Pituitary-hypothalamus disorders (a part of the brain that produces hormones)

- Tumor

- Drugs

- Blood disorders

- Etc.

Both hyperthyroid (excess thyroid hormone) and hypothyroid (thyroid hormone deficiency) can cause menstrual disorders. The types of menstrual disorders that result from thyroid disorders can vary. Common symptoms of hyperthyroidism include palpitations, heat loss, weight loss, sleep disturbances, increased appetite, etc. While the symptoms of hypothyroidism include slow heart rate, weight gain, cold tolerance, dry skin, fatigue, etc.

To ascertain the cause of the menstrual disorder you are experiencing, we recommend consulting a gynecologist. The doctor will do questions and answers about your condition and perform several related examinations. Some of the tests that may be done such as blood tests, hormone tests that regulate the menstrual cycle, thyroid hormone tests, ultrasound, and other tests deemed necessary. After knowing the cause, then appropriate treatment can be done.

What we can suggest to you is:

- Eat regularly with sufficient nutritious food

- Enough rest

- Not doing excessive physical activity

- Avoid excessive stress

- Regular exercise

So, hopefully this is useful.

dr. Setiawan Winarso

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