Hypoglekiamia In Newborns Can Cause Death?

I want to ask, when I was ultrasound at pregnancy 39w, my fetus was 2.8 at birth, it fell 2.1 with hypoglychemical 20 mg / ml while I didn’t have diabetes, was it dangerous with low sugar and what I wonder why at birth BB it goes down and hypoglychemistry

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Hypoglycemia in newborns is defined as plasma glucose levels of less than 30 mg / dl in the first 24 hours of life which are generally caused by metabolic disorders. Long-term side effects of severe hypoglycemia include nerve damage that results in mental retardation, the onset of seizures, delayed growth and development, and personality disorders.

Some conditions related to the incidence of hypoglycemia in newborns include:
1. Inadequate maternal nutrition during pregnancy
2. Excessive production of hotmon insulin in infants or mothers who have a history of diabetes mellitus
3. Severe hemolysis in infants (eg blood type incompatibility between mother and baby)
4. Congenital abnormalities or congenital metabolic disorders
5. Impaired breathing during newborn.

6. Coldness
7. Liver disease
8. Infection
9. Severe psychic stressors during pregnancy

The factor causing hypoglycemia in your case must be evaluated from the possibilities mentioned above, because it is not always due to the condition of the mother with diabetes. Further tests are needed including a complete blood count, infection panel, chest radiograph, and so on.

After birth even babies with low birth weight are very vulnerable to environmental changes and other stressor factors that can quickly affect their weight, so that optimal care is needed and minimal handling by trained personnel.

Therefore, the baby must always be monitored for its development and conduct further consultations with pediatricians to get information on further treatment plans.
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