Hypotension Is Accompanied By A Blackened Look When Standing Up And Menstruation Is Not Smooth?

Illustration of Hypotension Is Accompanied By A Blackened Look When Standing Up And Menstruation Is Not Smooth?
Illustration: Hypotension Is Accompanied By A Blackened Look When Standing Up And Menstruation Is Not Smooth? dizziness-and-balance.com

Good night. I have symptoms of hypotension in the form of blackened vision when standing from a sitting, squatting, or lying down position. I have experienced these symptoms for about 6 years. Because it only appears at certain times so I often ignore it. Lately, my intake has been more for instant noodles, sandwiches, and enough water while for rice consumption about once every two days. I do not know whether the intake factor is influential so that in two days my head is throbbing and not just a blackened look when I want to stand up. The head also throbs when I’m standing and about to sit down. I have sometimes experienced this (head throbbing) since I was a child, but it usually only feels when I run so my head throbs a little loudly. About 1.5 months earlier I had a blood donor and in the test for the donor I passed both for the hemoglobin level or blood pressure. I also never felt dizzy after donating. But in the coming two months after the donor, my menstrual blood was not smooth and only came out in the form of spots from the beginning to the end of the menstrual period. I have donated several times and my menstrual blood is always smooth as usual. For additional information I have a genetic gene for diabetes. In the first month after menstruation I thought maybe my hypotension and menstrual blood conditions were affected by donors but there was no change after entering the next month. Is my condition still tolerant by paying attention to the intake that includes low sugar foods / drinks or I need to taking blood booster medication or checkup? Thank you

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Hello Yuan,

Thank you for the question.

Blackened vision, especially when standing up accompanied by throbbing headaches often refers to low blood pressure (hypotension). There are several types of hypotension, including orthostatic hypotension that occurs due to impaired cardiac compensation which increases blood flow to the brain which decreases when the body's position changes against the direction of gravity. This condition can occur due to atherosclerosis, pregnancy, dehydration, alcohol or drug consumption, bleeding, side effects of drugs (including strong drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, heart medications, anti-depressant drugs), and so on.

In addition to hypotension, blackened vision and throbbing headaches as you experience can also be caused by anemia, hypoglycemia, heart problems, hormonal disorders, electrolyte balance disorders, dehydration, viral or bacterial infections, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, panic attacks, non-lifestyle healthy, and so on. Your menstrual flow is not smooth because it can be caused by hormonal balance that is disturbed due to stress that your body experiences due to the complaints above. It could also be, menstruation is not smooth due to pregnancy, obesity, lack of exercise, stress, fatigue, the influence of birth control, side effects of drugs, thyroid gland abnormalities, ovarian cysts, and many other possible triggers.

Even though you have been tested before (during a blood drive), and were declared to have no anemia or hypotension, this does not mean that you are free from the two conditions above.

The good, do not just take drugs or supplements carelessly. Instead, check yourself to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine. By monitoring vital signs, physical examination from head to hair, or supporting tests such as heart records, blood tests, x-rays, and other supporting tests, generally a proper diagnosis and treatment can be decided.

Right now, focus on doing it first:

When you want to get up, sit or stand, do it slowly and carefully, can also while holding
Eat more regularly, don't be late, drink enough
Make sure your food and drink intake is of balanced nutritional value
Regularly exercise for optimal heart function, for example by jogging, biking, swimming, yoga, gymnastics
Stay away from alcohol, drugs
Sleep early and regularly
Expand relaxation, do not stress or worry too much
Not taking drugs carelessly

Hope this helps ...

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