Hypothyroid Disease In Children With Down Syndrome?

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I have a child down syndrome aged 9 months … I have done a series of tests. As for the heart of the thyroid gland until hearing … from the heart test my son was declared healthy … but from the thyroid disease the doctor told my child hypothyroid .. about 2 weeks all I need to do a hearing test n the doctor says my child is positive for mild hearing loss … I have also made a schedule for an eye test … what I want to ask … hypothyroid is that good … and how much ptg my child has to check the chromosomes … it’s already found out that my child is down syndrome … but why am I obliged if my child must check the chromosomes … can it help or what reasons strengthen my child must check the chromosomes … thanks

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Hello Safa Efendi

Down's syndrome (SD) is a disorder of genetics, which causes differences in learning abilities and certain specific physical characteristics that indicate a disturbance in a person. This disorder cannot be cured but with the maximum support and attention children with elementary school can grow and develop happily like normal children in general.

Children with elementary school can experience complications or different health problems, some of the complications that can occur are:

Digestive problems, such as diarrhea, constipation and difficulty digesting, and about 15% suffer from celiac disease (unable to consume gluten) Dementia at a young age and are more at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Visual problems, such as cataracts, nearsightedness, farsightedness, squint, nustagmus, amblyopia, and conjunctivitis. Leukemia Heart Disease Infections, especially in the lungs that cause pneumonia Problems with the thyroid gland, most people with SD have a higher risk of developing hypothyroidism and symptoms such as the addition of BB, slow physical and mental reactions and weakness. Hearing problems, such as inflammation of the ear. And other problems such as obesity, early menopause, seizures, skin problems, etc. The case of hypothyroidism in SD patients according to research is as much as 40%, and sometimes hypothyroidism itself is misinterpreted as SD because the symptoms are almost similar. Hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism is a lack of thyroxine hormone levels due to the thyroid gland which cannot produce in sufficient quantities. If someone suffers from hypothyroidism, the body's metabolic processes will slow down and the energy produced by the body will decrease. Based on the cause of hypothyroidism divided into primary and secondary, in primary hypothyroidism the lack of the thyroxine hormone is caused by a disruption in the thyroid gland that cannot produce the thyroxine hormone, and secondary hypothyroidism is a disturbance in the overlying gland (pituitary gland) which functions to trigger the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone .

If it occurs at the age of children, hypothyroidism can cause symptoms such as:

slow growth delayed mental development puberty delays permanent tooth growth delay and if hypothyroid disease is not treated promptly then hypothyroidism can cause complications such as:

Thyroid disease Myxedema Abnormalities in infertility Infertility Disorders of the heart Nerve disorders Peripheral disorders Mental disorders Normally in every cell of the human body there are 46 chromosomes that are inherited, but in people with SD in cells only have 47 chromosomes. If there are extra chromosomes or noemal deficiency or it can cause body development and brain performance will change, one of them is SD. Until now the cause of genetic disorders in SD patients has not been found with certainty, but experts say that some things that increase the risk of babies with SD include:

If you have a previous baby with SD If you have a younger sibling or sister with SD Women who are pregnant over the age of 35 When a baby is at risk of SD can be identified through blood tests and ultrasound tests, besides amniocentesis, cordocentesis or sampled villus can be performed to indicate a significant SD risk. In general, physical characteristics in infants with SD are not very visible, so an additional examination is needed in the form of chromosomal karyotype examination which aims to analyze the structure of chromosomes in the genes of newborns / children. Because to ensure and enforce SD is only by chromosome examination, physical examination and other examinations do not produce a definitive diagnosis of SD.

You can consult again with the doctor who treats your child and submit all your questions and curiosity regarding the condition of your child. Because the one who knows the original condition in your child is him, so we can only convey a glimpse of elementary school and one of the complications, namely hypothyroidism. It is not wrong for you to confirm the diagnosis of your child's condition by doing a chromosome test, but if you are not pleased, you can submit it when you consult back to your doctor.

Having a child with elementary school is indeed not an easy thing, but you can find a variety of basic information about this condition and how to care for and develop children's skills such as looking for professional experts or people who have the same problem with you to be able to share information and solutions, and don't ever give up / lose hope in your child's future because many children with elementary school can still live happily and do productive and useful things for their environment.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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