I Felt Sick After My Surgery 2 Years Ago.?

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Hello, in 2017, I underwent pen surgery on my left leg, to be exact. It’s been a long time, but why have I been sick for a few months? Is it time to unload the pen? And I also want to ask, what sport is right for me, if I want to do sports. thank you

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Hello Widyap Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Pen surgery on the bone that you mean in medical is also called the ORIF (Open Reduction Internal Foxation) procedure is a surgical procedure to place an implant in the form of a "pen" to help repair broken bones so that bone growth can connect properly so that its function can return to normal.

To note when undergoing this procedure does need time for recovery, it takes several weeks to months to fully recover and you can do normal activities again as usual.

Pain that arises after a few years for example 2 years after undergoing surgery needs to be reviewed again. We recommend that you consult the doctor who has won you about the condition. Direct examination needs to be done to evaluate the location of the pen and the bone healing process that occurs.

Natural pain that may arise may be felt a few weeks after surgery. Therefore, you recommend that you return to the orthopedic specialist who has handled you before. The doctor certainly needs to evaluate the continuation of the bone at the site of the pen placement. If wound healing and bone grafting is good. Later the doctor may need to plan the removal or removal of the pen through a back surgery procedure or this action is known as "remove of implants" if the pain you feel has a connection with the implant attached.

However, if the pen or implant in the bone does not cause any disturbing complaints and if the implant does not cause interference with the tissue around the doctor may also maintain the implant

Regarding activities in the form of exercise that you can do, it should be recommended again with your orthopedist. The healing process of these bones differs depending on the severity of the fracture that occurs. In principle, broken bones should be avoided under heavy pressure or avoid heavy activities using the injured bone.

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