I Guess Why There Is Tightness And Swelling Of The Hands And Face

Illustration of I Guess Why There Is Tightness And Swelling Of The Hands And Face
Illustration: I Guess Why There Is Tightness And Swelling Of The Hands And Face

Doc I want to ask opa I am 70 years old he is suffering from a swollen heart. After going in and out of the hospital 2 times … after being discharged from the hospital the doctor suggested for routine control 1 month ago there was control the doctor said the heart has improved. I am experiencing tightness and swelling in the hands and feet. I guess that’s why yes doc ???

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Shortness and swelling can occur due to various things, such as signs of infection or inflammation, allergic responses, abnormal tissue growth, and fluid buildup. In the case of your opa, this is most likely due to a buildup of fluid.

Our body has certain mechanisms to regulate the fluid levels in it. Here there is the role of the heart, the role of the liver and the role of the kidneys. If there is one of these organs that is disturbed or abnormal, then the fluid balance can be disrupted and the result can accumulate fluid in certain parts of the body. If it builds up on the feet, hands and face, it can appear in the form of swelling, and if it builds up in the lungs it can take up space that should be filled with oxygen and cause shortness of breath.

But to be more certain, further tests are needed, whether this is a condition that is still related to the history of heart disease they have or for other reasons. It may even be necessary to have an x-ray and laboratory examination to determine the condition, before then determining the best treatment. So our advice, if your opa is very crowded, do not hesitate to check it to the nearest hospital emergency room. This is important because oxygen is an important component for our survival. If someone is short of breath, it means that the oxygen received by the body is not enough, and this must be treated immediately.

In addition, considering that Indonesia is being exposed to a corona outbreak, it is best to take one of your opa to the hospital. This is to avoid the possibility of a viral infection that can be brought home when you get home later. So, hopefully answering your question.

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