I Have Fever For 9 Days Typhoid Fever

Illustration of I Have Fever For 9 Days Typhoid Fever
Illustration: I Have Fever For 9 Days Typhoid Fever

Doc, I have a fever for almost 9 days, for 6 days I have taken paracetamol and ranitidine because my symptoms lead to typhoid fever, the temperature fluctuates abdominal pain, nausea, headache, chills, on the 7th day I bring myself to Puskesmas and check it out to be correct typhoid fever, given the same obt paracetamol and ranitidine there are additional antibiotics, there is still a bacterial period of 7 days the doctor said, today the 3rd day after the puskesmas, my body is somewhat fit but my fever can still come, How do you dock? I am also afraid because of the current pandemic, but my temperature is never above 38 docks. Please advise me that I will recover, doc. People at home are afraid of my eyes seeing me

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I understand your concern, aplagi is currently in a pandemic, but you have already seen a doctor and diagnosed typhoid fever so it is not because pandemic is most important that you stay at home and do social distancing, especially when you are sick and your immune system is weak . where typhoid fever is an acute disease caused by bacteria Salmonella thyphi or Salmonellaparatyphi. This bacterium is usually found in contaminated water or food. In addition, this bacterium can also be transmitted from infected people. Demiphoidoid or typhus includes bacterial infections that can spread throughout the body and affect many organs. Without prompt and proper treatment, this disease can cause serious complications that can be fatal. In general, the incubation period for typhus-causing bacteria is 7-14 days, but can be shorter which is around three days, or longer up to 30 days. This period is calculated from when bacteria enter the body to cause initial symptoms. Typhus symptoms develop from week to week. one of them symptoms of fever, fever which is characterized by an increase in body temperature to more than 380C from normal body temperature, which is between 36.10C to 37.20C. because your fever is below 38 so you don't need to worry. especially now that you are in the process of treatment to kill the bacteria that cause your typhoid fever. Generally, people diagnosed with typhus at an early stage require treatment for 1-2 weeks with antibiotic tablets. Although the body starts to improve after 2-3 days of taking antibiotics, you should not stop taking it before the antibiotics run out. This is useful to ensure that the bacteria Salmonella typhiib completely disappear in the body. You should not have to worry about just doing what the doctor in charge of you is, keep taking medicine until it runs out, and see your recovery, if there is no improvement for more than 2 weeks you can immediately re-control to the doctor who treats you. There are several things you can do at home so that the body recovers immediately and prevents the risk of recurrence of typhus:

Enough rest.
Eat regularly. Eat small portions, but in a frequency that is quite often compared to eating large portions, but only three times a day
Drink plenty of water.
Be diligent in washing hands with soap to reduce the risk of spreading infection
Give understanding to people at your home, so you don't need to be afraid that you are only affected by typhus, and stop panicking about this pandemic because it will create mental health disorders due to this pandemic, so keep your distance both at home and outside while still doing social distancing and use mask

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