I Have Mastitis?

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hello, I mella I was diagnosed with mastitis after passing my examination at the order of the ultrasound of the breast after reading the results of my ultrasound the doctor advised not to control anymore but the medicine given was gone but how come it hasn’t healed well?

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mastitis is an inflammation of the breast caused by blocked glands and milk ducts. Inflammation that occurs can be followed by infections that cause various complaints that interfere with the comfort of Busui. mastitis usually occurs only one side of the breast.

There are several causes of mastitis:

 Bacterial infection: Bacteria infect breast tissue through the wounded nipples or milk ducts. usually the bacteria come from the baby's mouth and the skin surface of the breast ducts the blocked milk ducts: where the remaining milk settles in the milk ducts. Complications can be in the form of breast infections when an ultrasound has been done and doctors recommend that no more control efforts mean there are no serious problems or dangers.

There may be several factors that cause your pain to not improve

 breastfeeding with only one breast wearing a bra that is too tight frequency of irregular breastfeeding less hygiene you should consult your doctor again if you feel there is no improvement or getting worse. so that the doctor can re-evaluate your illness.

There are several things you can do at home before seeing a doctor

 milk the baby as often as possible in a comfortable position if the baby is not breastfeeding in large quantities, pump your breast milk to avoid wearing a bra that is too tight compress the breast with a cloth soaked in warm water to help relieve pain and make the breasts softer to make milk flow with better information that we can convey ...

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