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Excuse me, I have a friend whose neck is black on the back of his neck, whereas in the past there was no skin on his abdomen, there was also black, on the legs there were many scars but it was black too, does my friend have the characteristics of HIV suppress or not ?, I ask like this because I often share this drink with my friend (1 bottle for 2 but I do not touch the mouth of the bottle and my friend about the mouth of the bottle) Lately I have experienced sneezing and nasal congestion, my head feels a little dizzy and my back feels sore. my friend is HIV and HIV infected me ?.

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Hello, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

HIV infection can only be transmitted through a number of ways such as:

Unprotected sexual intercourse (including anal sex) with people infected with HIV
Blood transfusion using blood that has been infected with HIV
Sharing syringes with HIV sufferers
Content (from mother to child conceived)
Normal childbirth in women with HIV infection

Other activities beyond the points above, including drinking together using the same bottle as you do, do not cause HIV transmission.

HIV sufferers themselves generally do not cause symptoms at an early stage of infection occurs, but if there is, the initial symptoms that generally appear like flu symptoms. When you have reached an advanced stage, the symptoms can vary. The characteristics you mention to your own friends are generally not found in people with HIV. To find out more about the symptoms of HIV infection, you can read about it in the following article.

Because the symptoms that appear can be very diverse, then the diagnosis of HIV cannot be stated just from the symptoms alone, special examinations are needed to determine whether a person has HIV or not.

Therefore, although the characteristics you mention to your friend are generally not symptoms of HIV infection, they cannot be used to state that your friend is definitely not infected with HIV. If you and your friends are included in the people who are at risk of contracting because there are activities in the points above that you or your friends do, it is highly recommended to consult further with your doctor to decide whether you and your friends need HIV testing.

Regarding the blackened scars, it is true in some people it often happens, to eliminate it yourself there are several ways, both using drugs and some special procedures. However, to determine which therapy is suitable for your condition, it is highly recommended that you check it first with a dermatologist to determine the condition of your skin.

I hope this helps.

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