I Suddenly Had A Lump In My Hand?

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Hello! NI am a 19 year old woman. NSo like this, nSource: pinterest.comAbout 3 weeks ago, my right hand suddenly appeared a slightly thick bump (different from a mosquito swell that is widened and still spongy). The bumps were about 5 seeds. N nThen because I thought it was a normal bump, I pressed it with my fingernail to form the letter x n n. Gradually, I remembered that the bumps appeared reddish. Then, it started to feel a little sore and mixed with itching. The bumps began to widen a bit. 1 bump slightly bouncy and clear fluid out. (I took it out and in the end it looked like an eye with a red hole in the middle). nI had another bump and had the same fate n nIf now, the bumps are not too itchy and painful when they are left alone. But if you touch it, itching and pain begins. N nThen, I think why and what causes it? How to handle it? Thank you

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Hello Atikah,

Complaints of fluid-filled bumps on the hands can be caused by the following reasons:

Dermatitis Boils and folliculitis Insect bites Herpes zoster Impetigo Fungal infection with secondary infection Scabies Chickenpox Disease that occurs on the skin is difficult to diagnose without seeing and examining it directly. Therefore I suggest that you check with your doctor directly first so that further tests can be done to determine the cause of the fluid-filled bumps you are experiencing. If the cause is known, the doctor can provide a more appropriate treatment for you.

Meanwhile you can do the following tips:

Avoid breaking or poking the bumps If you feel pain, you can apply warm or cold compresses. Keep your body clean. Use hypoallergenic soaps and lotions. Use calamine or menthol lotions when itching.

dr. Devika Y

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