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I want to ask my father with diabetes and then I have cataracts and eyes, one eye is still healthy but the other one has never been operated on but it doesn’t work or what and now I can’t see, then the other one is dark eyes and the blood sugar is stable and sometimes it goes down never high .

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Hello Princess, thank you for asking.

Diabetes mellitus is a generative disease that is comprehensive and chronic. Diabetes mellitus will cause overall disruption in body cell function. That is, all systems in the body, will slowly decline in function and damage. This happens more quickly, especially if blood glucose levels are not well controlled and there is no change in diet and lifestyle in a healthy direction. Plus, if there are risk factors such as:

Excessive alcohol consumption.
High blood lipid levels.

then complications in the form of malfunctioning of the body's systems will occur more quickly.

Damage experienced includes the vision system. Various disorders can be experienced by the vision system in people with diabetes, for example:

Diabetic retinopathy.

therefore, sometimes even though cataracts have been overcome, but if there is damage to the retina due to diabetes, then vision is still disturbed. This is caused by a chronic running process, not a short process. Therefore, even though blood glucose is stable at the moment, because the process has been running for years, damage may have occurred to the structure of the eye.

Your father should consult with an eye doctor and tell him about your diabetes history in detail. The doctor will assess where the damage occurred. If it's not on the retina, then maybe there are still ways to improve. But if the damage has reached the retina, it is generally difficult to handle.

Currently, the most important thing is for your father to routinely control his internal medicine doctor, so that blood glucose levels, liver function, kidney function, heart conditions and blood vessels, can be monitored continuously. Improve diet and lifestyle. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol (if indeed your father consumes both), avoid factory processed foods that are high in salt and sugar, set the menu to balance, and if able to start regular exercise 3-5 times a week with mild intensity first. You can also consult a nutritionist to plan a healthy menu.

Hopefully this answer is quite helpful. Regards.

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