Ideal Body Weight For Children Aged 16 Months?

Illustration of Ideal Body Weight For Children Aged 16 Months?
Illustration: Ideal Body Weight For Children Aged 16 Months?

, my daughter is 16 months old, her weight is 6.6 kg, when there is worming medication from the posyiandu, my child is not given worm medicine, I am worried because my child’s weight is not gaining, what is the solution ,, I hope to be given worm medicine ,, so that the weight of my child will increase, because my child wants to eat it too, fruit too. I want, eat three times a day ,, continue with snacks … please help with the solution.

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Hello Mrs. Ayu, Thank you for asking

According to WHO, the ideal body weight for children aged 16 months for women is around 7.5 kg - 12.5 kg, so that your child is classified as underweight according to WHO. However, the nutritional status of children cannot be assessed, only seen on 1 measurement, usually 2 measurements are required in 2 month intervals. In addition, other indicators are also needed besides such as body weight according to height, head circumference.

The condition of children with weight that is difficult or does not increase is a problem that is often found in children under 2 years of age. Many factors can cause a child's weight to not increase, including:

Inadequate nutritional intake such as frequency, content and consistency of food.
Increased metabolic needs of children such as chronic infections in children such as tuberculosis, other respiratory infections, worm infections
Impaired absorption of the child's digestive system
History of premature babies, history of Low Birth Weight (LBW)

Symptoms of worm infection are generally atypical and can be found mild to severe, such as lethargy, pale, malnutrition which will affect nutritional disorders, impaired growth and development of children. According to the Ministry of Health, many worm infections occur at school age 5 - 12 years. Generally, at the age of 2 years, worm medicine can be given. And before giving deworming to children, the principle is to do a stool examination (finding worms or worm eggs in the feces), and having symptoms of anemia, malnutrition, the child becomes inactive or lethargic. However, not all nutritional disorders, malnutrition and weight loss are not ideal caused by worms, doctors need to review the factors and causes that may occur.

You should consult a pediatrician to assess your child's nutritional status, and maybe the doctor will do some additional tests such as blood tests, stool tests to see worm eggs, and Mantoux examination to find the cause of your child's weight which is not ideal, so that it can be given. appropriate management and therapy according to the cause.

Some things you and your family can do to prevent worm / worm infections:

Make it a habit to maintain personal and environmental hygiene, wash hands before and after eating, wash hands after outside activities.
Get used to using footwear every outdoor activity
Cooking food properly, such as washing vegetables clean, cooking food until cooked.

Thank you, hope it helps.


dr. Fatma

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