Ideal Body Weight When Fasting?

Illustration of Ideal Body Weight When Fasting?
Illustration: Ideal Body Weight When Fasting?

Hello, I want to ask. I am 28 years old, 47 kg in weight and 145 in height. Soon I will fast for about 1 week, but there are worries that my weight has decreased. What kind of diet can I implement so that my weight is stable tends to go up? What foods do I need to consume? Thank you in advance

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Hi Dyah,

Thank you for asking

With your height being 145 cm, your ideal body weight can range from 39 to 48 kg. That is, your current weight is actually ideal, no less. And even if you do fasting for 1 week, as long as it's done properly, balanced with a healthy meal and break fasting menu, in fact you don't need to worry that your weight will drop dramatically to make your body thin.

Need to be clarified, what kind of fasting will you live? Is there a history of certain diseases that you suffer from?

Maintaining ideal body weight needs to be done with a variety of efforts, ranging from setting a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, good stress management, and always lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Fasting is not prohibited. As long as you do the fasting naturally, don't be too extreme. Before fasting, eat with a healthy diet and make you full longer. When breaking the fast, break up with foods that are also healthy, and contain balanced calories with the activities you will do. Also drink enough water, and the consumption of fruits that vary, so that the body remains fit during fasting. Do not forget, when fasting or after breaking the fast, you can also exercise to maintain your immune system.

There are no dietary tips specific to your current condition. But to maintain health, you can consume a variety of healthy foods with a balanced nutritional content, reduce the consumption of foods that contain cholesterol, saturated fats, trans fats, and also simple carbohydrates. You can consume more lean meat, fish, vegetables, and other types of food variations, of course, by considering aspects of a healthy lifestyle as mentioned above.

That's all our explanation. For more details, please consult with your doctor or a nutritionist.

I hope this helps.

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