If You Are Using It, Can You Consume Prenagen Esensis Milk?

Hello … doc? I want to ask. I just got married 2 weeks ago. And I also just had a KB injection 2 weeks ago. Then I want to have a baby. Can I drink prenagen milk when I’m in it? And how do I get rid of the injection, I only have 2 weeks

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Hello Sandra, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

KB injection is a type of hormonal contraception that works by affecting the state of hormones in the body. As a result, fertility is reduced. If you really intend to have a baby, you are advised to stop having family planning injections.

Regarding the milk you mentioned is basically just an additional nutrient. No direct effect on the occurrence of pregnancy. So that there is no problem if used even when you are undergoing family planning injections.

To speed up pregnancy some tips you can do are:

 Have regular sexual relations Consumption of healthy food and nutritious exercise Regular enough rest Hindrai cigarettes and alcohol Avoid excessive stress This article seems to help you HOW TO PREGNANT FAST

That's all, hope it helps.

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