Illustration of Illness?
Illustration: Illness?

, I have a brother frequent headaches. previously too stressed and tired, then a pain in the head. after massaging the head, blood clots and fresh blood came out of his mouth. actually what is the pain my brother is suffering from?

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Fresh blood clots that come out of the mouth can come from the oral cavity itself or other organs that are located deeper. This condition can be distinguished generally through in-depth interviews, comprehensive physical examinations, and several supporting tests, for example blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy, bone marrow smears, and so on. Not always, the discharge of the blood clot from the mouth is directly related to the massage process in the head, including the headaches that your colleague suffered from before.

Some conditions that can cause fresh blood clots to come out of the mouth include:

Bleeding gums, for example due to cavities, tartar, gingivitis, or brushing too hard Bleeding from the nasal cavity that is swallowed into the mouth (post nasal drip), for example due to sinusitis, nasal polyps, or nasal cancer Thrush (aphthous stomatitis) Bleeding in airway, for example due to coughing that is too hard, tuberculosis, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis Bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, for example due to gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, esophageal varices rupture Blood clotting disorders, for example due to blood cancer, spinal cord disorders, vitamin K deficiency Decrease in platelets, for example due to dengue fever. Side effects of drugs, etc. Headaches that your siblings have previously experienced can occur due to one of the causes above, for example sinusitis, dengue fever, or blood cancer. However, this headache can also arise due to other triggers, such as migraines, brain tumors, tension headaches, hypertension, and so on.

Therefore, to find out exactly what kind of pain your sibling is suffering from, you should check it directly with your doctor. Through a comprehensive examination as mentioned above, doctors can generally provide targeted treatment.

At this time, your brother can first do the following:

Brush your teeth regularly, then rinse your mouth with salt water. Don't brush your teeth too hard. Eat foods that contain lots of vitamin K. Avoid carelessly consuming drugs, including pain medications. Before going to the doctor, your siblings can first take paracetamol to reduce their headaches. Don't smoke or consuming alcohol Hope it helps ya ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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