Imboost And Propolis To Prevent Corona Virus

Illustration of Imboost And Propolis To Prevent Corona Virus
Illustration: Imboost And Propolis To Prevent Corona Virus

Doc, how do doctors respond about imboost and propolis to prevent corona virus?

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imboost is a supplement containing Echinacea purpurea dry herb extract and Zn Piccolinate in the form of film-coated tablets. This supplement is used to increase endurance which serves to prevent pain and accelerate healing.

whereas propolis is a kind of sap that honey bees collect from various trees, sap streams, or other botanical sources, which are used by bees to cover or repair gaps in their hives. where it is suspected to work against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Although it has been well researched by experts and has been registered with the Indonesian Drug and Food Control Agency (BPOM), the effectiveness of propolis has not been scientifically proven enough and needs to be further studied clinically.

no problem taking both of these to increase endurance, but this does not mean we can avoid the corona virus. there is no scientific evidence to prevent corona virus both of these. but it doesn't matter if you take one of these to maintain your immune system. but not to avoid the corona virus.

indeed yes by maintaining the immune system can prevent us from contracting the corona virus. but that there is one prevention, there are several other things to prevent, namely to avoid the risk of infection with the virus. even though our immune system is good we can still get the corona virus but have no symptoms but we carry the virus which can be attacked to other people. then we do this social distancing. remember until now there is no definite treatment to handle this so do not take any drugs from the hoax news. because it can cause dangerous side effects.

just do what the government has ordered so you can avoid or break the chain of transmission of the corona virus. let's fight the corona virus by staying home and keeping your distance and the need to live a healthy and clean life.

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