Immovable Big Toe?

Illustration of Immovable Big Toe?
Illustration: Immovable Big Toe?

Hello, I have a question. 1 year ago I had an accident with a fracture of my thigh bone, the muscle in my knee was broken and the big toe of the bone fell out of place and it said that there was a muscle around my thumb that was broken, it’s been more than 1 year but my thumb still can’t move. What should I do so that my big toe can move again?

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Hello Shanny.

Thank you for asking the Community.

Complaints of the thumb that can't be moved can be caused by several medical conditions, such as:

Injury to ligaments. Ligaments are connective tissues between bones or in joints that function to move the joints. Injuries to ligaments can be caused by several things such as hard impacts, movements that put excessive stress or stretching of the ligaments, cuts caused by sharp objects and so on. Injury to the ligaments can result in immobility of the joint in question, and an abnormal shape of the joint (deformity).
Injury to bones. Injury to the bone can be in the form of a fracture (fissure) or fracture (fracture), both of which can cause limited movement to complete immovability of the affected bone and abnormal bone formation (deformity)

Because it can be caused by several of the things above, it is better to do a direct examination to the doctor. The doctor will perform examinations, especially on the big toe and perform any further examinations as necessary, such as X-rays, or other follow-up examinations. It is hoped that direct examination to a doctor as soon as possible to minimize disability and treatment will be carried out according to the underlying cause.

Some things you can do temporarily regarding your condition:

Restrict unnecessary movements or actions of the big toe, such as massaging or shuffling them manually by hand
If you feel pain, you can take pain relievers such as Paracetamol 500mg at a dose of three to four times a day
Eating nutritious food
Drink lots of water

This is the information that I can convey. Thank you and hope it is useful.


Dr. M. Rizki

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