Immune System Response To Corona Virus

Illustration of Immune System Response To Corona Virus
Illustration: Immune System Response To Corona Virus

hello doctor … I want to ask … how does the immune system respond to the corona virus? What is the process so that someone can recover and die?

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Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), which causes COVID-19, can enter the body through the respiratory tract, ie through inhaled or swallowed droplets. When the body enters the virus (including the Corona virus, naturally, white blood cells will be stimulated to release various chemical mediators to paralyze the virus. As a result, various symptoms of inflammation will occur, ranging from mild to severe, such as fever, coughing, runny nose , sneezing, sore throat, aching muscles and joints, weakness, fatigue, etc. From here, if white blood cells work properly, the virus will fail to replicate in the body and cause tissue damage. in your body, you will not experience symptoms of severe pain, and can heal itself.Naturally, good endurance is not obtained instantly.This is influenced by many factors, including genetic, race, age, gender, nutritional intake, your lifestyle, medication, and general health conditions.

In people with poor immune system, the work of white blood cells in warding off this viral infection will be ineffective. Impact, the virus can continue to replicate in the body and cause extensive tissue damage. Therefore, there will be a variety of more severe complaints, including shortness of breath, chills, weakness, to a decrease in consciousness, and death. Some factors that are known to weaken the immune system are old age, unhealthy lifestyles, excessive stress and fear, activity fatigue, lack of sleep, long-term steroid consumption, as well as certain diseases, such as diabetes, HIV, lupus, leukemia, etc.

Therefore, to avoid the risk of experiencing severe illness due to the Corona virus, you need to increase your endurance by increasing rest, living a healthy lifestyle, and eating a variety of foods that are of balanced nutritional value. Not only that, to prevent the potential Corona virus from entering the body, you need to improve your personal hygiene, delay leaving your home unless it is an emergency, and maintain social distance from others.

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