Illustration of Immunization
Illustration: Immunization

Good afternoon doc, I want to ask, I went to the midwife for immunization for my child, who was 1 month old, because it was withdrawn. So in the MCH book, there was a scribble. It was clear that polio was given. Well, when Pas had already given my injection of polio drops, I didn’t have to say that I didn’t know if it was polio, so the polio vaccine was given 2 times for a month, is that okay ??

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 Polio immunization is given to children to prevent children infected with the polio virus. The virus that causes polio infection lives in the throat and intestinal tract, so transmission can occur through contact with fluids or feces. The virus causes poliomyelitis which is characterized by paralysis of the body's organs. In addition, it can also cause death.
 There are 2 types of polio vaccines, namely oral polio vaccine or polio vaccine (OPV), and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV). OPV contains live attenuated poliovirus. Meanwhile, IPV uses viruses that are no longer active. Thus, the administration of polio vaccine can trigger the formation of the immune system without causing illness. The administration of OPV type polio vaccine is dripped by mouth. Meanwhile, this type of IPV is given by injection in the arm or leg.
 Polio vaccine is given 5 times, starting from the time the baby is born (right on the day before discharge from the hospital), the next administration is for babies aged 2 months, 3 months and 4 months. Then, one more dose of the polyoboosterone vaccine will be given when the child is 18 years old. If the administration of polio vaccine to infants or children is delayed, it can be continued until the full dose is not repeated from the start.
 In connection with the case of a natural baby, the third polio vaccine can be given as soon as 1 month after the second administration. Likewise with the administration of the 4th polio vaccine. There is nothing for you to worry about. Continue to vaccinate and always try to be on time for optimal results.
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