Illustration of Immunization
Illustration: Immunization

Does 2 years immunization have to be fitting or can it be more

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What do you mean by 2 years immunization is an immunization booster that should be given at the age of 18 months? No immunizations should be given at the age of 2 years unless you are late giving certain immunizations to the previous child. At the age of 18 months there is an immunization booster (immunization booster) that must be given, namely polio, DTP, Hib, and measles.

Basically, immunizations must be given according to the schedule given by your pediatrician. However, if there are certain conditions that cause immunization cannot be given on the day the immunization is scheduled, you may postpone the administration of immunization, but it should not be delayed more than 2 weeks. Make sure you always carry the child's immunization record every time you bring your child for immunizations and remind the doctor (or other health worker) to write down the complete immunizations given in the immunization record.

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