Immunization Distance?

Illustration of Immunization Distance?
Illustration: Immunization Distance?

My pediatrician was late in giving complete basic immunization at 11 months of age, then I was given Dpt 3 immunization on July 10 2018 then when is the time for measles immunization because my child is almost one year old is dangerous or not

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Immunization is important for children. Immunization aims to protect children from disease by building certain levels of immunity, called antibodies. Immunization must be given according to a predetermined schedule. Immunization is divided into basic immunization and repeat immunization. Delayed or delayed immunization is the most common thing. Therefore, if there are immunizations that have not been given as scheduled, or immunizations are delayed, immunizations should be given as soon as possible or pursued.

DPT immunization given to your child aims to eliminate diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. If the DPT immunization is given too late, the next administration follows the schedule. DPT is given 3 times and repetitions will be given 1 year after the 3rd DPT.

For the measles vaccine that your child has not gotten, go to the doctor immediately. Ideally measles immunization is given when the child is 9 months old and a repeat dose when the child is in grade 1-6. Because your child is almost one year old, get the measles vaccine immediately, it's not too late. If the child is more than one year old, give the MMR vaccine.

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