Immunization For Babies?

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.rnI’m about to finish the postpartum period and want to ask what immunization should be done for the baby?rnA lot of people say it can actually make the baby have seizures?rnAnd what family planning is best for new mothers like me because they often Read the article on KB injections that can prevent menstruation for up to 3 years and make it difficult to have another child..rnThank you, please help..

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Hello Yunita

Thank you for asking

Congratulations on the birth of your baby

I will answer your questions regarding immunizations.

Immunization is the provision of immunity against certain infectious diseases. The immunization program is given from infancy to school entry. With immunization your child will be given a vaccine that contains certain types of bacteria or viruses that have been weakened or inactivated to form antibodies

Immunizations must be given to your baby.

Way of giving :

- Injected

- Dropped by mouth

- Sprayed into the mouth or nose

Side effects of immunization:

Fever Nausea Dizziness

Seizures occur due to fever that is too high so that nerve damage occurs so that seizures occur, not because of immunization

Your second question, which family planning is good for you during the puerperium is

The right birth control for you after giving birth is

Method of lactational amenorrhea / MAL. This method of breastfeeding mothers is quite effective in preventing pregnancy for 6 months. The use of condoms can be used anytime spiral contraception or IUD is inserted 48 hours after delivery, if it cannot be inserted 6-8 weeks postpartum, hormonal contraception containing progesterone is started at 6 weeks postpartum. More information you can read the article:

Choosing injectable contraceptives

A few info from me hope it helps

Regards, Dr. Geraldine Kenya Estuworo

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