Tonight doctor. I want to ask. Indeed this is my fatal mistake, as a mother of a 3.5-year-old child starting from 9 months – now, I ignore her immunization schedule. I’m sorry, doctor. Is there a doctor’s solution for me?

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Hello Fitri,

Immunization is the process of forming immunity (immunity) against an infectious disease. One way to immunize is by vaccinating (administering vaccines). The Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health has a complete basic immunization program that patients can obtain free of charge from the age of 0 - 9 months. The complete basic immunization includes the hepatitis B vaccine, BCG, polio, DPT-HB-Hib, measles. Immunization is useful so that the risk of a child to become infected and suffer from these diseases is reduced, or if there is an illness that does not occur severe manifestations that can cause disability or death.

After basic immunization, children are encouraged to get further immunizations. For children aged <2 years, continued immunization in the form of DPT-Hb-Hib and measles / MR. If the child missed the immunization schedule that was supposed to, immunization batching can be done, according to the immunization schedule recommended by IDAI (Indonesian Pediatrician Association). At 3-5 years of age, vaccinations that can be given include (provided the basic immunization is complete):

Polio booster
DTP booster
Hib Booster
Measles booster
Other vaccines recommended by IDAI (optional, not mandatory): influenza vaccine is repeated once a year, varicella vaccine (chicken pox), hepatitis A vaccine, PCV vaccine and typhoid vaccine

If the child's mother has been given complete basic immunization, the mother does not need to worry too much, because at least the child already has immunity to basic diseases that have the potential to cause disability and chronic illness. Some boosters are needed so that the level of immunity in the body reaches optimal levels to protect children from these diseases.

Mothers can exercise control with a pediatrician or can be asked at the same opportunity if you take the child to a doctor (you can bring a vaccine book beforehand) to determine what kind of vaccine your child needs.

* In the midst of an outbreak of Covid-19 it is best to limit activities outside the home, obey transmission prevention measures if you want to travel including to health facilities. If there is nothing emergency in nature, you should postpone the examination at a health facility. If there is a control schedule set by the doctor, you can still come or can consult in advance via telephone with the doctor / health facility concerned.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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