Immunization Shots?

Illustration of Immunization Shots?
Illustration: Immunization Shots?

Hello, my doctor is Novi from Tangerang, I want to ask my child, now aged 20 months, the first time he was injected with diphtheria at the age of 13 months, then yesterday I had an 18-month immunization injection, now I just went to posyandu, my child was injected with diphtheria, is that okay, doctor?

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Hello Novi, thank you for the question for

First of all I want to confirm a few things first:

Is the diphtheria injection that is done at the age of 13 months is the diphtheria injection from the ORI (Outbreak Response Immunization) program in response to a diphtheria outbreak or catching up on immunization because the child has not been injected with diphtheria as a baby?
What immunization shots are given at 18 months?

Basically diphtheria immunization (DTP - diphtheria tetanus pertussis) is given when the baby is 2, 3, and 4 months old, then a booster will be given again at 18 months of age. Even though there is a fixed schedule, given the diphtheria outbreak in Indonesia, children aged 1-19 years are advised to get another diphtheria vaccination with a schedule of 0-1-6 (first injection when they first arrive, second injection 1 month later, and third injection. 6 months after the second injection).

If your child has never received diphtheria immunization as a baby, then your child must be scheduled to pursue immunization with a schedule such as basic immunization. However, if you mean by diphtheria injection is diphtheria immunization program ORI, then if the first vaccine is given at the age of 13 months, your child should receive the vaccine at the age of 14 months and 20 months.

We recommend that you consult your child's doctor again to know clearly the vaccine schedule for your child. Bring a child's health record book so that the child's doctor can know exactly which vaccine was given when.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

dr. irna cecilia

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