Impact After Ovarian Cyst Surgery?

Illustration of Impact After Ovarian Cyst Surgery?
Illustration: Impact After Ovarian Cyst Surgery?

… today I was declared to have a 5cm ovarian cyst and scheduled surgery. I am 23 years old and not married. My question If I do the surgery, what is the impact in the future? Or if I’m not operating, what’s the effect? Can I have children?

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Ovarian cysts, if viewed specifically, are very diverse in types, and each type has its own impact if surgery is not performed. Some types of cysts can undergo self-repair without surgery, however, if you are already advised to do surgery, then most likely your cyst can have a worse impact such as the cyst rupture, twisted or even turned into a cancer.

Therefore, if you are encouraged to do cyst removal surgery, it is strongly recommended that you follow the advice of your doctor to prevent worsening of the condition of your cyst. For future post-operative effects, all depends on the condition of the cyst, the type of surgery, and the condition of the ovaries (ovaries).

If surgery is only done on the cyst (without removing the ovary), then your ovary after undergoing surgery can still function. If it is necessary to remove the cyst along with the entire ovary, if only one ovary is removed then you can still get pregnant because there is still one more ovary that can still function, unless you have to bind both ovaries, then you will not be able to get pregnant to forever.

If you want to really know how your ovarian cysts are suffering, what are the risks of not having surgery, what are the risks after surgery and other questions that you do not understand about your condition, it is advisable to consult further with a doctor who recommends the operative action because he is more understanding about your current condition.

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