Impact If Ever Accidentally Forgot To Take TB Gland Medicine?

Illustration of Impact If Ever Accidentally Forgot To Take TB Gland Medicine?
Illustration: Impact If Ever Accidentally Forgot To Take TB Gland Medicine?

I want to ask, I am in the treatment of TB glands and have been treated for 6 months, during the treatment period I have felt forgotten taking medication even though I am still in doubt but I continue to take medication, is there a way to find out if we missed the TB gland treatment? And what about the side effects? Thank you

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A history of late TB indicates the presence of lymph node infection by TB germs. The focus of infection in the lymph nodes can cause glandular TB complaints in the form of:

 Swollen lymph nodes, which are larger than normal, either single or in a row. Swollen lymph nodes (KGB) often occur in the neck, groin and armpits decreased body weight Cold sweat Fever Easy to achieve Can be accompanied by the spread of infection to the lungs Patients with TB glands are patients with extra-pulmonary TB / outside the lung, where treatment Extra-pulmonary TB, following the National TB treatment standards that have been determined. Where TB treatment can last about 6 months, with two months of the initial phase and continued the last 4 months of treatment.

TB treatment must be carried out continuously and consistently, this is to prevent the risk of germ resistance causing TB and prevent complications of glandular TB infection that is not expected, and prevent the duration of TB treatment. Therefore, if the patient does not take medication regularly, the TB treatment can be repeated from the beginning to initiate the treatment of TB infection so that it does not cause the risk of resistance and spread of TB infection to the lungs.

However, to ensure all this, you should do a check-up and return visit to your pulmonary specialist for further evaluation. If the current treatment has been running for 6 months, but you are not consistently taking TB medicine, then further evaluation is needed to confirm glandular TB infection. The doctor can carry out investigations to ensure that TB does not spread to the lungs and has disappeared from the gland. If the results of the examination still show the presence of TB infection in the results of further tests, then the TB treatment can be repeated according to your doctor's plan. However, it all depends on the results of your doctor's examination and your clinical condition.

Some signs that can be found in the process of recovery and healing from pulmonary TB infection, namely:

 Glandular lump size smaller than 15 mm No pulmonary TB infection Increased body weight The results of supporting examinations support healing, such as a bacterial culture examination, biopsy However, you should discuss all of this directly with your lung doctor or doctor who treats you. The doctor will conduct an interview regarding the inconsistency of taking the medicine you are presenting. Subsequently a physical examination and support will be carried out to ascertain whether or not the initial tuberculosis therapy is necessary, or conduct evaluation and observation in the next few months. Thus, all matters related to the recovery and healing of this TB gland will be under your doctor's supervision.

Regarding drug side effects, not all patients experience disruptive drug side effects, but if there are any, some complaints of nausea, reddish-colored bowel, muscle aches or abdominal pain can be experienced. However, as long as the therapeutic dose you are taking, the drug is safe to take according to the national TB treatment standard. So proceed with the doctor's plan, and discuss, drawing conclusions independently can run the risk of causing unexpected complications.

Henceforth, if TB drugs are still in your schedule, then you should spend these drugs according to the doctor's recommendations, according to the schedule, and according to the dosage. Before all drugs are used up, the process of consultation with a doctor can be done. Take care of your stamina, avoid cigarettes and sleep late.

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