Impact If Fahr Disease Is Not Treated?

My mother, 68, was hospitalized for vertigo, then the neurologist recommended a CT CT scan. The result was FAHRS DISEASE, not yet large enough. The doctor requires routine outpatient treatment, but my mother does not want to be treated routinely, she said that she felt better and recovered in the future. ?

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Fahr Disease (Idiopathic Basal Ganglia Calcification) is a genetic disease characterized by neurological disorders. This disease is characterized by an abnormal buildup of calcium in an area of ​​the brain associated with movement. This disease is caused by a chromosome abnormality, but so far no specific gene has been found for this disease. Calcium buildup can be found in areas in the brain such as the lenticular nucleus, globus palidus, putamen, and basal ganglia. Symptoms that can occur include; motor abnormalities, dementia (decreased memory), seizures, headaches, dysarthria (speech disorders), decreased visual function.

the impact of patients with Fahr's disease varies with each individual and is very difficult to predict. There was no relationship with age, the extent of the area that had calcium deposits from CT scanning, or neurological deficits. Generally, changes in neurological status that occur progressively (sustainable) will cause persistent disability and even death.

Until now there has been no specific therapy for this disease, this disease is usually treated by relieving symptoms only. Noteworthy is the genetic element of this disease, because this disease can be inherited. It is better for more detailed information. You can consult your grandmother's neurologist. if you are told to control again, you should still carry your grandmother to prevent bad events.

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