Impact If Mucus Due To Asthma Can Not Get Out?

Illustration of Impact If Mucus Due To Asthma Can Not Get Out?
Illustration: Impact If Mucus Due To Asthma Can Not Get Out?

want to ask whether asthma can have an impact on heart or lung disease because mucus can’t get out ???

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Hello Clity,

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Asthma occurs due to inflammation of the lower airway so that the diameter narrows and mucus production increases. This condition will make sufferers experience shortness of breath, coughing, accompanied by annoying breath sounds (wheezing) that often recurs, especially when exposed to cold, dust mites, pollen, smoke, and other air substances. Other factors, such as respiratory infections, excessive physical activity, consumption of certain drugs or foods, acid reflux, as well as psychological stress can trigger a recurrence of an asthma attack. Although many experts suspect this condition occurs related to genetic and environmental factors, the exact cause of asthma is not known until now.

Until now, there is no known treatment that can cure asthma completely. Even so, recurrence and worsening of symptoms of this disease can be minimized with proper treatment. In some cases, if not treated properly, asthma can make sufferers experience complications, such as sleep disturbance and a significant decrease in productivity. Directly, actually asthma does not necessarily increase the risk of heart and lung disease. It's just that, if you are often treated in the hospital because of uncontrolled asthma, then your risk for various diseases will indeed be greater (because of contracting in the hospital). Consumption of several types of asthma drugs, for example steroids, can also cause the immune system to be depressed, so you will be more prone to infection.

Therefore, asthma needs to be treated properly so that the complications above can be minimized. In order to get the right treatment, patients can go to a doctor, internist, or pulmonary doctor.

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